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The Martu School Holiday Program delivered by Ngurra Kujungka has been commended by police, school principals and community members for engaging the youngest Martu students in productive and enjoyable activities that have led to increased participation, new skills, and social experiences.

The program provides important opportunities for Ngurra Kujungka to work closely with many regional stakeholders and to develop partnerships and relationships.

The Martu School Holiday Program has expanded to offer more sports and a variety of activities including nutrition, cooking, health, arts, crafts,
educational activities, music and more.


Expansion of Community Visits has ensured collaboration with state sporting associations to deliver a range of different sports such as softball, athletics, cricket, basketball, swimming and football.


The Martu Youth Festival has become a major Western Desert event providing pathway opportunities for young Martu athletes through competitive football, softball and basketball.


Youth Festivals are attended by elite sporting organisations who select talented young Martu players for further training and skills development.


The Youth Festival has developed into a celebration of sport, music and culture and features performances by local musicians and community members.


The Western Desert Shield provides a week-long camp of educational presentations and training sessions as a follow on from the Martu Youth  Festivals.


This event provides a platform for selected Martu players to showcase their talents to wider audiences and elite sporting organisations.


Ngurra Kujungka employs Recreation Officers across the Western Desert communities, with the primary role of delivering consistent daily activities to school aged children.


Recreation Officers deliver structured sport and recreation programs alongside education and health related workshops.


The objective is increased school attendance and the program is supported by expert training and development assistance from external service providers.

Empower our communities

Ngurra Kugunka

As a NFP entity we are continually striving to establish mutually beneficial partnerships to enhance outcomes and ultimately achieve our Vision.

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