Celebrating Indigenous Artistic & Sporting Achievement

Ngurra Kujungka

Ngurra Kujungka – meaning: ‘all coming together in one place’

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A key element contributing to a healthy life is physical activity through sport and recreation.
Over the past 13 years, Newcrest Mining has played a significant role in developing, maintaining and managing the Western Desert Sports Program, an initiative designed specifically to support healthier lifestyle choices amongst its Indigenous neighbours, the Martu, living in the Pilbara and Western Desert regions of north Western Australia.
Ownership and management of that sports program has more recently transferred directly to the Martu through the incorporation of the Ngurra Kujungka (Inc) Sports Council, with its Western Desert League festivals the premier focus for communities each year.

You are invited to take a closer look at what the Martu are achieving through Ngurra Kujungka…

Our Business

Today, Ngurra Kujungka Inc. leads the development and delivery of the Western Desert’s first community driven, regional sport and recreation program. With strong support from Western Desert community members and stakeholders Ngurra Kujungka boasts marquee initiatives such as the Western Desert League (an Australian football league and softball league, with children’s sport and activities) and Martu School Holidays Program.  Ngurra Kujungka provide a range of sport and recreation related opportunities (including sport and recreation related training, education and employment opportunities) that deliver broad outcomes for the people of the Western Desert. In recent developments, Ngurra Kujungka has grown to include art, music, health education and culture in its arsenal for achieving its Vision.

Ngurra Kujungka is a not for profit entity

As a NFP entity we are continually striving to establish mutually beneficial partnerships to enhance outcomes and ultimately achieve our Vision.

For information on how you can become involved in Ngurra Kujungka programs and initiatives please contact us:

Program Manager Mike McMonigal

Senior Indigenous Sports Development Officer Adam Norton

Female Indigenous Sports Development Officer Demi Okely


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