WACA Roars into the Western Desert

Western Australian Cricket Association Development Officers Elle Sherwin and Alex ‘The Lion’ Stewart joined NK ISDO Callan Hatchman and travelled to Marble Bar, Nullagine, Jigalong and Parnngurr in December for a whirlwind trip.

Supported by the Department of Sport and Recreation, Ngurra Kujungka’s Multisport Program saw Western Desert communities again exposed to the Milo In2CRICKET program. Having sent its representatives to our region on two previous occasion’s the WACA is now a valuable partner in the delivery of sport to Martu schools.

20161130_141058First stop on a 200km round-trip saw Marble Bar School students swinging their bats, ‘wielding the willow’ and bowling some ‘corker yorker’ deliveries. Both Elle and Alex produced some fun and exciting games that worked on all skills involved in the game of cricket.

Over the remainder of the week Nullagine, Jigalong and Parnngurr where visited by the WACA team. In Nullagine, Elle and Alex saw some bowling actions that would make Sri Lankan great Murali’s arm look straighter then a ruler, so they undertook some bowling clinics aimed at correcting technical flaws in the kids’ actions.

With the heat scorching in Jigalong and after a quick clinic, Elle and Alex took the high school students inside to the air-conditioned relief of the classroom. An interactive lesson on cricket rules, formats of the game and videos showing T20 Big Bash highlights went down extremely well with the class. After a quick break, Ngurra Kujungka hosted a community BBQ with a fierce game of backyard cricket undertaken in between discussions on Ngurra Kujungka’s plans for 2017 and beyond.

The final stop on the week’s itinerary was a visit to Parnngurr. It was great to hear the kids still talking about their recent trip to Telfer for the Swimming and Sports Day held with Punmu and Kunawarritji, and all were very keen to get involved in some cricket fun. After a session at school, Ngurra Kujungka again hosted a community BBQ. Street cricket was the go in Parnngurr with kids and adults participating until darkness fell and the ball could no longer be seen.

After a trek down the Rudall River Road that had the WACA Development Officers nervous after hearing of Callan’s previous exploits on the road (when he drowned his vehicle!), all returned safely to Telfer for the flight home.

Ngurra Kujungka thanks the WACA for its support, and the Department of Sport and Recreation for their funding that makes these visits possible.




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