Punmu Sports Fun at Telfer

sports-crewStaff and students from Punmu’s Rawa School travelled to Telfer in September for a day of sport and recreation. The children were thankful for the opportunity to utilise the impressive facilities available at Telfer.

The day started with golf at the driving range. The high school kids showed their ability at driving the ball and aiming as far as the Telecom tower at the opposite end of the range. Unfortunately, not even the teachers could quite hit the golf ball that far, though they definitely gave it their good shot!

A friendly game of ‘hit and run’ cricket followed, with the girls more than happy to bat against the boys who were bowling and fielding

It wasn’t long before the boys discovered Telfer’s grassed football oval, and made good use of it. They competed enthusiastically in taking the best mark or kicking the longest goal. A game of ‘king of the pack’ was played with kids leaping into the air to take a great mark, followed by a snap-shot on goal to show off their talent.

With the day heating up, the kids were eager to get wet in Telfer’s refreshing swimming pool, and they enjoyed an afternoon of swimming races, handstand competitions, and splashing each other.

The Rawa School visits to Telfer are a regular feature of the school’s swimming program.


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