Punmu Kids Make a Splash at Telfer

Over the last two months Punmu’s RAWA School have visited Telfer mine site to utilise the sites pool facilities. With older and younger children taking turns in visiting the pool, Ngurra Kujungka Senior ISDO Callan Hatchman and Female ISDO Ebony Humble saw first-hand the fantastic progress in skill levels and confidence of those attending. With progress made by the children the need was identified for some expert advice for both teachers and children alike.

Glenys Arnold from Austswim and Swimming WA were flown to Telfer to undertake two days of swimming lessons. Austswim and Glenys kindly waived their usual lesson fees to support the development of Ngurra Kujungka and also generously donated her goggles, floaties and kickboards to be used continuously for Ngurra Kujungka swimming programs.

With all kids excited to be learning and perfecting their swimming techniques the two lessons were a huge success. Children learnt everything from the basic principles of floating to diving from the pools edge. Glenys was amazed at the skills level present considering the limited access to water the children get. Another feature of the lessons was the ability of the children to take to every technique Glenys presented like a duck to water.

The swimming lessons were a huge success and the next stage of development for the swimming program will be to conduct a two day swimming teacher accreditation at Telfer in early 2015. This will enable teachers and Ngurra Kujungka recreation officers from surrounding communities to become accredited swimming teachers and pass on these skills to the children in their communities.

RAWA School Dive Into Swimming Lessons
RAWA School Dive Into Swimming Lessons

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