Nullagine Community Visit

Ngurra Kujungka Program Manager Dan Barnes and Development Officer Ebony Humble were warmly greeted as they arrived at the Nullagine and Irrungadji community in late October to deliver sport and recreation activities.

group-1After meeting with locally-based Recreation Officers Shaun Peterson and Annabell Landy, an evening basketball game was soon underway, with Shaun taking charge, umpiring the game.

With the kids showing off their lay-ups and trying their hardest to score 3 pointers it was a close game between the blue and green bibbed teams. As the night approached, the game was wrapped up. However, the kids were excited to know that the Ngurra Kujungka staff would be running sport at the Nullagine School the following morning.

sts-bagsAn early start was planned to avoid the Nullagine heat, but by lunch the day was a sticky 42 degrees. The hot weather didn’t stop the kids participating in softball clinics, though regular drinks breaks were required.

The young primary school kids were the first to brighten up the day, walking along holding hands and singing as they made their way down to the grassed area. With big smiles, each wearing a hat, and having plenty of water to drink, the little sport enthusiasts tested out the new softball equipment. Fun games including scarecrow tag, rob the nest, throwing competitions and a game of tee ball left them exhausted but excited to show off the colourful ‘smarter than smoking’ bags they received at recess.

teeballNext came the middle primary school aged kids, equally eager to get straight in to games. With a long throw challenge focusing on throwing and catching skills the kid’s confidence using a soft core softball saw some very impressive techniques. Leader ball and roller ball were big hits as always, together with a game of dodge softball.

The older kids followed with a game of soccer softball to capture the interest of most of the boys’ class. Later, all classes joined in a game of softball with the tee brought out for the younger kids. The all-in game was a great finish to the morning’s softball clinics.

swimAfter school, recreation officer Annabell was quick to suggest a trip out to the Nullagine Dam to keep the kids entertained for the afternoon. The kids hurried to change into their bathers before jumping into the cool water. A swimming race to the other side of the dam captured the great swimming ability of the Nullagine kids.

As the evening cooled down another game of basketball was played, with Annabell taking control of the umpiring while Shaun and Ebony joined in to make up numbers. The game was a great finish to an eventful couple of days.

Special thanks must go to Ngurra Kujungka Recreation Officers Shaun Peterson and Annabell Landy for their help, along with sport teacher Emma Dawson and Principal Shannon Simpson at Nullagine Primary School. They always make visiting the school an absolute pleasure.



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