Ngurra Kujungka teams up with Softball WA

This week saw Indigenous Sport Development Officer Doug Kidgell with Softball Western Australia representative and international softball athlete Shannon Hearne embark on a four day road trip delivering softball clinics, as well as selecting promising softball players for the annual Newcrest Mining softball shield held in Perth, the stage was set for a terrific road trip with our first stop being Nullagine. Arriving late in the afternoon, we played some evening basketball with the kids who were around before going to bed early that night. The next morning, we got underway with catching, pitching and batting drills which the girls thoroughly enjoyed and no doubt they will be implementing those skills in Perth. With great success at Nullagine, we were about to move on towards Parnngurr but unfortunately a funeral meant there were very minimal kids at school and so we decided to visit our next community Jigalong.

Once we arrived in Jigalong, Shannon was underway with her softball activities including catching, pitching and batting which the girls picked up very quickly with some bullet fast pitches and home runs being struck. Unfortunately due to the 43+ weather, the girls didn’t want to be outside and so we went indoors to talk about the softball trip to Perth in January 2018.

Shannon was hugely impressed with all the girls and quotes “the girls impressed with their fantastic skills when batting and fielding. There were also a couple of talented pitchers who had incredible accuracy and pace which was awesome to see”.

From the 8th – 15th January, 24 Indigenous women from the various Western Desert communities will be showcasing their talents during the National Softball Championship in Perth on the 10th, 11th and 12th January 2018 as part of the Newcrest Mining western desert softball shield.

Big thanks must go to Shannon, Softball WA, Newcrest Mining and all teachers and community members involved in organising the softball clinics. Ngurra Kujungka looks forward to delivering future softball clinics throughout the Western Desert communities and a successful softball shield trip to Perth.

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