Parnngurr and Jigalong community visits

Ngurra Kujungka Indigenous Sport Development Officers Ebony Humble and Callan Hatchman, together with Program Manager Dan Barnes visited the Parnngurr and Jigalong communities over three days in early August.

The sports team travelled to Parnngurr first, where they arrived just in time to run afternoon sport in the community.

After rounding up the kids (who could just be seen in the bush catching goannas for dinner), a sprightly game of football was soon underway. With plenty of energy to burn, the Parnngurr kids were hotly contesting the footy and celebrating cheeky snaps for goal and dribbles along the ground.

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As the sun began to set a “next goal wins” shout from Callan had all the kids chasing the ball for the glory of a win. As the game wrapped up, the kids were excited that they only had to wait until morning when the Ngurra Kujungka team would be delivering morning sport at school.

After meeting the Parnngurr school staff, a chilly early-morning start required a wake-up ‘toot’ from Ken the principal to kick-start morning sport. With a softball diamond set up, it wasn’t long before intrigued kids walked over to practise their throwing and catching skills.

The girls were particularly excited for a break from footy, and two teams were soon gathered and quickly got a game underway. The Ngurra Kujungka sports team introduced fun softball games such as beat ball and base races as extra competitions. After two digs of softball were played, the boys were itching for a game of footy as promised.

The previous day’s enthusiasm was carried over to school sport, with the kids giving their all to impress teachers and parents. School sport was wrapped up with a fun game of girls vs boys basketball to include the younger kids before morning fruit break began.

After meeting the relieving Community Coordinator, Paul, and catching up with key community members it was time for the sport team to hit the road, bound for Jigalong.

Arriving at Jigalong in the afternoon allowed enough time for the Ngurra Kujungka team to set up a game of softball at the oval.

With the assistance of Bernice Fred, a game of softball was soon underway, with balls flying over the outfield for home runs. As the sun set, “time and game” was called, but all kids were looking forward to the Ngurra Kujungka sports team visiting their school the following day.

After meeting with Max, the designated Physical Education teacher at the Jigalong School, a full day of sport clinics were planned and broken into three age groups. The younger kids enjoyed roller ball, leader ball, scare crow tag, and other fun footy games, which tired them out as the morning bell rang.

The middle-aged class consisting mostly of girls, were excited to learn new softball skills and became confident in playing with a hard ball. Their skills were put to practise with a game that captured glimpses of their raw talent as balls were hit over the school fence.

The final group of senior boys had higher expectations when it came to footy skills, with some kids attending a regular junior competition in Newman.

The Ngurra Kujungka sports team conducted a training session focused on goal-kicking and contested marking. To finish the session and school day a scratch match was organised and captured the talent of upcoming Jigalong footballers.

With a full day of sport clinics completed at the Jigalong School, it was time to say goodbye and the Ngurra Kujungka sports team travelled to Nullagine for an overnight stay before continuing back to Telfer.

Callan, Dan and Ebony were delighted with the reception they received at both communities and look forward to their next community visits


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