Cricket a ‘Big Hit’ again!

The Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) visited the Western Desert for the second time this year travelling to Punmu, Kunawarritji and Kiwirrkurra communities. WACA representatives Matt and Anton travelled with Ngurra Kujungka staff Dan and Ebony to three of the most remote communities in the state and country. First stop was Telfer’s neighbouring community Punmu, who were waiting on the basketball court for the guests to arrive. The team were straight in to action delivering an afternoon of whole school sport focused on the fundamental skills of cricket. Games such as ‘ready aim fire’ were a hit and demanded the following morning at before school sport. The school teachers were thrilled to receive an In2Cricket kit along with an online coaching course to deliver on going cricket sessions during school sport.

The cricket duo travelled further east arriving to a small group of enthusiastic students at Kunawarritji community. A two hour cricket session saw a range of skills taught and fun games played. Games such as egg and spoon races and relays were adapted to incorporate the vital cricket skills. To finish off the clinic a game of continuous cricket was played which saw students, staff and teachers joining in the teams.


A long morning of driving saw the team arrive at their furthest community, Kiwirrkurra, where the students were just finishing their lunch break. With a lot of energy to burn the whole school completed a clinic largely focused on game play. Skills were taught along the way as the WACA representatives were challenged to alter a softball style swing into a cricket batting technique. The students were eager to continue playing cricket beyond the school bell ringing which saw an evening of cricket played at the community oval.


As the sun set the kids were reluctant to pack up, only once the ball was impossible to see. With an overnight break the team were back at the Kiwirrkurra School early morning to deliver before school sport encouraging school attendance. Two simultaneous games were played while the pre-school class enjoyed throwing and catching practise on the side.  As morning tea time came the team packed up for the day and joined the teachers in preparing the class for their school day.


With a long drive back to Telfer the team stopped in at Kunawarritji for an overnight rest. The kids were awaiting the arrival of their new cricket hero’s and were excited to join the team for an evening of cricket and bush tucker at well 33. As the sun set and cricket wrapped up the kids created a damper to be cooked in the bush oven with considerably more flour ending up on their clothes than in the tucker. The menu consisted of Kangaroo tail or Marlu, Potatoes or Mata and Damper or Yampalpa in Martu language. With full bellies, floured clothes and no energy left from their cricket game, the kids were dropped home to rest up before school while the Ngurra Kujungka and WACA team camped out under the stars for their last night in the Desert.


Ngurra Kujungka in partnership with the WACA look forward to continually developing cricket in the Western Desert. Check out our Facebook page for more photos of the visit.


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