Basketball talent on show in Warralong and Marble Bar

Basketball talent on show in Warralong and Marble bar

Communities prepare for upcoming Youth Basketball Competition

Early March saw Dan and Ebony embark on a 3 day road trip to visit Warralong and Marble Bar. Arriving in Warralong on Tuesday afternoon we were very pleased to see a group of ladies at the oval playing a game of softball with equipment borrowed from the school in preparation for the upcoming Western Desert League Festival (WDL) in Punmu.

Following the ladies softball training, Ngurra Kujungka staff were excited to put on a community BBQ at the basketball courts. Flame grilled steaks, sausages and salad were on the menu for adults and kids to enjoy. With content stomachs and happy faces Dan and Ebony took the time to talk with community members   while handing out the 2015 WDL calendar of events. The community gave a great reception and were full of questions about the fast approaching festival.

A day of sport was planned for Wednesday at the Warralong School focusing on basketball ahead of the new youth basketball competition to be launched at the WDL festival in Punmu. The morning kicked off with before school sport to get the kids active after breakfast. An all-in boys vs girls game was played to get the blood pumping and energy out of the younger kids before setting off to class while the high school class continued on for the first basketball clinic. With travel and double dribbling evident in the before school game dribbling and ball control drills were a focus for the session and implemented in a modified game.


The middle and upper primary class were next to participate in the basketball clinics. With the weather heating up, regular breaks were a must however the class displayed great enthusiasm. Kids particularly enjoyed the competition of dribbling relays and shooting drills which heated up a level when the final challenge to finish the session was the first person to shoot two 3 pointers would win a footy! The kids lined up and displayed their best attempt at a correct shooting technique with some entertaining celebrations from the winners.


The afternoon finished with the young primary class participating in some fun activities focused around ball handling and throwing and catching. With attention spans a challenge tracking towards the end of the day, there were plenty of laughs at a running race balancing the basketball on their heads, mostly from the teaching staff.


As the afternoon began to cool down community softball and football games were highlights with a 5 innings softball game and over an hour of football played. It was great to see all ages from young kids practising the respective sports on the sidelines to elders supporting and encouraging from the boundary. Days play was called when the struggle to see the ball became apparent wrapping up a great visit to the Warralong community. Special thanks to Warralong principal Kate McKenzie for her hospitality and to the teachers for their involvement in school and after school sport. We thoroughly enjoy our time spent in Warralong.


The Ngurra Kujungka team departed Warralong Thursday morning for Marble Bar to continue their basketball clinics. Arriving in an always hot Marble Bar, afternoon sport was scheduled at the school. Newly appointed recreation officer Dexter Walker assisted staff in delivering the basketball clinics, providing a great opportunity to meet and liaise with teachers. In the future Dexter hopes to be involved with sport programs delivered by the school. Fostering Dexter’s passion for basketball, he will be involved in delivering the new youth basketball competition for the WDL kid sport in Punmu. We hope that Dexter can pass on his passion for basketball and great skill knowledge. We look forward to seeing him in action at the upcoming festival hosted by Punmu from April 6th – 9th.

Recreation officer Dexter Walker assisting with basketball clinics at Marble Bar school
Recreation officer Dexter Walker assisting with basketball clinics at Marble Bar school







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