Basketball attracts record numbers

The Perth Redbacks Basketball Association has completed a successful year of basketball clinics while becoming the first State sporting association to visit all Western Desert communities.

On their final visit for the year, Development Officer Joel Wagner and junior coach Emily Harris travelled to Parnngurr and Jigalong communities. Ngurra Kujungka Indigenous Sport Development Officers, Ebony Humble and Callan Hatchman, facilitated the visit as part of the Department of Sport and Recreation’s Multisport program.


The four-day trip focused on the delivery of fundamental basketball skills: dribbling, passing and shooting. As the children progressed in their learning, offensive and defensive game play techniques were introduced.

To keep the children engaged, skills sessions were mixed with fun and competitive games. Older children and teenagers finished their basketball clinic with a full court game to incorporate the skills they had learnt throughout the session.



Basketball attracted a record number of participants for an all-ages game in Parnngurr. At one point, more than 30 players were on the community basketball court, with children as young as 8 mixing into teams with adults 25 years and older.

Development Officer Joel Wagner was surprised with the community’s engagement. “I’ve never seen a game with this many people on the court at one time,” he said.

The community basketball game gave the Perth Redbacks visitors an opportunity to assess the talent of the Parnngurr children prior to delivering school clinics. It was observed that dribbling was a weakness due to the big number of ‘travel’ and ‘double dribble’ decisions made by the umpire.


jig-circle-steel Similar areas for improvement in basketball skills were identified in Jigalong during a before-school game. As Jigalong is a larger school, it was necessary to divide basketball clinics being broken down into two age groups. Pre-school and early primary classes were first, followed by the later primary and high school classes.

The first group enjoyed playing games such as ‘Golden Child,’ while the second group finished with a full court game between three rotating teams. The teenage boys used the opportunity to show off their raw talents for the Redbacks visitors and teachers watching on.



Ngurra Kujungka looks forward to further developing its relationship with the Perth Redbacks Basketball Association through Basketball Western Australia.


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