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Early August, Ngurra Kujungka’s ISDO Doug and Recreation Officer Lloyd spent 5 days on the road visiting the Punmu, Kunawarritji and Kiwirrkurra communities.
Punmu’s RAWA school was our first stop and they were excited to see us as the kids were already involved with some basketball.
Due to it being a relatively warm day in Punmu, school sport was delivered in the undercover basketball courts. Basketball was the chosen sport and, with Lloyds assistance in organising teams and encouraging kids, the planned fun activities and games ran very smoothly.
After school, a fun game of basketball under lights evolved with 25+ community members including the school kids play jumping in and getting some court time. It certainly wasn’t like watching LeBron James or Steph Curry however the fun and excitement was there.
As the lights switched off, the basketball wrapped up for the day with kids and adults ready for a well earnt good night’s sleep.
An early start the next morning saw me helping with a healthy breakfast while Lloyd provided a light basketball clinic to the kids who had been dropped off via the locally built drum train before we travelled on to Kunawarritji, where the RAWA school kids were happy to join in the after-lunch sport.
With a great turnout of kids at school, myself; Lloyd; Travina and the Kunawarritji teachers orchestrated a softball game for the kids at school with a wide range of ages involved. Once the softball had wrapped up, the kids were absolutely exhausted from the hot desert weather and that was it for the day.
Early next morning we started our long journey to Kiwirrkurra which if you don’t know, is Australians most isolated town.
Unfortunately with the change in time zone, we managed to arrive with a couple minutes up our sleeve to inform the kids of a social basketball and football game later on.
After a quick drive around the community, it wasn’t long before people in the community were playing some structured and entertaining basketball with a big thanks to Ruot who has been doing some youth work within the community, engaging them in sports and music. – even the 2 local pigs came down.
As the sun set, the games continued until 8:00pm when the generator ran out of fuel. The following morning as the school gates opened, we entertained the kids with footy and soccer while the other kids had their morning school shower. Not long after the kids had eaten and showered we were underway with some fun games of scarecrow, tunnel ball and finished a successful Kiwirrkurra school visit with a game of ABC basketball.
Ngurra Kujungka would like to thank some key community members and stakeholders, including: Newcrest Mining Limited, Punmu school, Sue and John from Punmu, Kunawarritji school, Taz and Tish from Kunawarritji, Kiwirrkurra school, Rob and Vicki from Kiwirrkurra, Astra in Kiwirrkurra, Brett and Ruot from NPYWC and Martu communities.

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